Sergey Afanasiev
Sergey Afanasiev

“Capturing Art Through the Lens: The Unique Photographic Vision of Sergey Afanasiev”

Welcome to the page of Sergey Afanasiev, where photography transcends into art. I am proud to be the recipient of the Austrian State Prize in professional photography, showcasing a commitment to excellence in the photographic field.

Professional Achievements:
My journey in photography is distinctive and inspiring. As a Qualified European Photographer and a member of The Federation of European Photographers, I’ve been honored with multiple awards in various genres, ranging from portraits and fine art to children’s photography.

My works have gained international recognition with publications in prestigious VOGUE, affirming my contribution to the photographic arts.

Unique Approach and Technology:
I don’t just capture images; I create visual masterpieces. Utilizing a unique photography technique that I personally developed, including a custom-designed camera for artistic photography, my approach achieves an effect where each photo becomes akin to a piece of art.

Reviews and Awards:
My commitment to perfection is reflected in numerous positive client testimonials and awards, proudly carried as symbols of recognition for my artistry.

Contact Information:
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